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AshHole Roundup 13 July 2019

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Looking for Some Cigar Comraderie


The valley is large and our numbers small.  I started this free social club for the simple reason to bring together some cigar smokers so we can solve the world's problems, provide some witty banter, whilst enjoying a good cigar and maybe a drink or two.

The idea is to invite you all to my AshHole cigar lounge.  Host a HERF in your garage, or wherever you have to go to smoke your stogies.  There are no dues, no rules.

This is not where you want to be to smoke a cigar


This is more like it


BOCCE Ball court, Horseshoe pits.  Golf range.  Putt-putt golf course coming soon.  Come visit me in the AshHole Cigar Lounge located in Corvallis, MT.  Comfortable chairs, ventilated, and warm.

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Cigar Social Club with No Dues

Bitterroot Cigar Club